Google Apps Infrastructure Changes, Wallet Review

Google Apps Infrastructure Changes Review, Enterprise Support

Updated 4/15/12

Google Apps Infrastructure Changes Review; Enterprise & Wallet Support

In a nutshell it Sucks!

This was/is a typical Google change; they do everything to make their processes easier and produce more revenue and we as “sheeple” follow along and drink it all in.

The arrogance in their responses (& non responses) is unbelievable with Google expecting me and other “users” to take temporary emails accounts, then move blogger accounts and other apps.
Unfortunately many of our users finally got fed up and left, resulting in less users for our forum generated blogs and more.

Worse is Google Enterprise support; these guys only write late at night (from India) and provide no real knowledge, they just repeat canned responses that expect us to spend hours cleaning up the mess Google made with this transition.

If Google really gave a cr## about their customers, this transition would have been done in a way where all data was stored and even if a new temporary account was needed, this should have been a smooth transition of signing in and all data, profile information, etc would have been moved automatically.

(1) Even with our paid accounts such as the Google Site Search Bar, “Google Enterprise support” sent us a payment notification reminder to the correct email, yet we could not log in to pay this.
When we finally found a way in (hours later, thanks Google, NOT) it was applied to our temporary account, not our new transitioned account.
So Google told us to then pay for the service on our new account (which should have been the same account if Google used ANY logic at all). However we now had the Ads back on our search box results.
So then Google states we will now have get a new search box and go through our entire websites to paste this back in (estimated 8 hours of work, minimum). Considering the hours of work we have already put into this “transition”, this transfer of “ownership” to the new email (actually the old email if truth be told). We stated this is not acceptable and that Google would have to either fix this or refund our money since we were paying for a service not rendered. Googles response is we had to “jump through more hoops” to get our money back, so in the end we simply contacted our business credit card issuer who then reversed charges based on email evidence of lack of real support from Google.

(2) I maintain several domains for myself and others. In a recent incident a domain re-list payment failed due to Google Apps transition issue along with severe issues in Goolge Wallet.
I received nothing but canned answers that went in circles, never addressing the real issue.
Even though the original Wallet (Checkout) account has worked (& continues) to work, Google claimed this account failed to charge. However in calling my credit card issuer (whom also always sends alerts if there is an issue), my card was NEVER attempted a charge for this by Google.
Google instructed me to get new Wallet accounts for this domain and the email used (two new accounts??). This of coarse was not the answer and did nothing to solve the problem.

I was then told to clear the cache and cookies, which did not solve the problem. I then was told to download a new browser (Chrome) with a clean install (no imported Cookies); this too did not solve the issue.
After this the issues has gone back to the original comments and then the Cookies, Cache, etc.; in other words the same canned responses from dishonest Google Obamanite help.

Here is a screen shot of what I am shown by Google when attempting to force a charge in a clean browser (I know for a fact that I am correctly logged in):
Google Wallet, Apps, Server Issue

The bottom line is Google would simply not fix THEIR problem (so far luckly only one domain has had this issue, although ALL renew through the SAME account). I know if I treated my customer the way Google treats their customers I would be out of business very quickly, but sadly the media (including conservatives like Rush Limbaugh) continue to talk about Google like they are Gods, so this company can do no wrong in the publics eye.

We have since suspended our Google Adwords in part as a “boycott” of Google service and also for the dishonest support there whereby Google hides behind a proprietary algorithm that states our keyword “UV Bulbs” is only a 4 out of 10 in relevancy when in fact this exact phrase matches both the ad and the landing page. This is unlike some of the delivered results on Google; both organic and paid whereby this search term requires the person searching for this product to click up to 3 times for the correct result.
The issue here is also based on the fact that this has resulted in bidding going up to $1.25 for good results for a product with a $4 profit margin, which is ridiculous.
I also found Google’s responses insulting in that I know my product well being in this business for over 30 years. Their explanation did not meet with what the industry considers a UV Bulb to be. Google’s response would be analogous to telling a pilot how to fly when they had no concept in the operation of an aircraft.

I should also note Google Adsense which hides behind a veil like the “Wizard of OZ”, claiming they are not Adwords when in fact they are likely just across the hall or even a chair away (like an air traffic controller) from an Adwords employee.
Adsense will NEVER return questions, complaints, etc., choosing to hide behind this secret veil.
My point is, Adsense continues to this day to constantly place content ads on websites that plagiarize my MANY copyrighted (and constantly updated), websites. All the while denying my websites revenue via Adsense on my original content (this has been going on now for 7 years with no end in sight).

Google (or more specifically their minions) state that users of Google services (email, apps, etc.) have nothing to complain about when they make changes, abruptly terminate accounts, etc and these services are “free”.
Sorry Pals, they are not free. When a user agrees to one of these Google services they are also giving Google access to all sorts of free information about you, your habits, and much more. THIS IS A TANGIBLE ASSET!!!
This asset you have traded Google rights for their services can used to make Google much $ or even sold, in fact as a business, I can guarantee you Google makes far more off this “Asset” than the cost of providing you these terrible services with absolutely no customer support.
As for me and my business, we have shelled out tens of thousands of $$ to Google; PLUS the rights to our “information assets”, so Google here has even less excuse to treat us with such contempt and terrible customer service

What really perplexes me is the high regard this despicable company is held in, but then the media loves Google and most persons anymore are “Sheeple” and listen to the “Master” (the media)



Why did Google do this? It sucks for users

Google Made my Son Cry
(Warning, the above reference has explicit remarks, but the content is still valuable)

Hey Google, thanks for making my daughter cry.

Google Adsense Scams, Dishonesty

Testing Google new Panda, Farmer Algorithm; Verdict, FAIL
Even with the even newer Google Penguin Update Google fails even more with spammy websites climbing even further while quality websites with UNIQUE content such as UV Bulbs fall further

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