Aquarium Wonder Shell (from AAP/Weco)

Since the 2020 elections likely will result in Big Tech further destroying small business and good information, I want to point out that while Google may point to fraudulent sellers including Amazon and Aquarium Co-op that have taken advantage of the decades of experience using the AAP/Weco Wonder Shell as well as the decade I spent introducing the Wonder Shell to the Internet and Social Media communities (taking many vile hits along the way); I ask that those who respect the work I and AAP have put into this product and IGNORE links to the product to parasite retailers and ONLY PURCHASE FROM AMERICAN AQUARIUM PRODUCTS!

Please do not participate in the fraud committed by Google in giving non authorized sellers a higher position, or further enrich the pockets of Jeff Bezos who has used the Coronavirus Pandemic to rape small business even further than he has.

Here is the original and ONLY full service and full product line (including the patent pending “Medicated” version):
Wonder Shell from AAP/Weco

Wonder Shell by Weco-AAP

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