Where did the flu go in 2020-21?

February 11, 2021

Where did the flu go in 2020-21?

Oddly, you would think the flu had disappeared in Oregon but that is false.  Per the CDC it is now part of the Covid-19 interim case definition. If you got the flu it is now Covid-19.

Flu ER Visits

Oregon FluBites – OHA February 5, 2021 above.

CDC Flu Chart

CDC Weekly Flu Reports at this link.

The best starting point for the other questions is the government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) which is the legal authority along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, when you do your own research of their legal definitions and legal statistics be prepared to be educated as it does not match corporate media and the political rhetoric you hear and see along some odd statements by government public health officials.  Again, do your own research then make your own informed decisions as all diseases can be deadly including the common coronavirus cold.

CDC says Covid 19 includes “at least two of the following symptoms: fever (measured or subjective), chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion or runny nose, OR any one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, new olfactory disorder, new taste disorder, OR Severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following: Clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia, Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).”  Hence, the yearly influenza outbreaks that unfortunately kill tens of thousands of vulnerable Americans are classified as Covid-19 by the government.

SARS-CoV-2 the actual coronavirus that is six percent (6%) of Covid-19 deaths is included per the CDC symptoms definition of Covid-19 entered in official government reports.  BTW, it is the ‘report’ not the press release or talking points that goes into the courtroom.

mRNA gene therapy per Pfizer’s and Moderna’s own words in the FDA ‘authorization’ submittal, is different than a vector vaccine like your shots at school or the doctor’s office.  And emergency “authorization” is very different than ‘approval’ from the FDA.  Given the severity of SARS-CoV-2 on seniors (75 plus) get educated yourself.  Read all the CDC data on who should and should not get mRNA shots.  Then read all available medical data on SARS-CoV-2 as death can literally be in the details.  Many people will want the mRNA shot, and many will not.  Welcome to free choice. 

With no further comments as the Legislature is cancelled this week, below is this week’s clips from fellow Oregonians:


Title: No money? Oregon Democrats do not care. Prepare for more taxes.

COVID-19 in Oregon

In July 2020, the CDC called for American schools to reopen in the upcoming fall. In February 2021, the CDC again called to reopen schools saying they can reopen safely, without vaccinating teachers.

It will be even longer before more Oregon kids are in the classroom.

  • On February 9, press secretary Jen Psaki walked back Biden’s promise to open schools in first 100-days: ‘Some teaching in classrooms at least one day per week’

Governor Kate Brown moved the goal posts from a February 15 start date to an unspecified time in the “spring”. Teachers unions across the country are using extortion to get vaccinations. Countless children have been sacrificed because adults are afraid.

  • School districts and unions do not let hypocrisy stand in their way of making money. They tell teachers it is still unsafe to come into schools while simultaneously offering in-person childcare this entire time in the very schools they closed… for a steep fee of $1,000 a month for parents that can afford it.

As a result of these decisions, how many elderly Oregonians did the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Governor Brown and the teachers unions kill because of their vaccine prioritizations? This is not the teachers’ fault – it is the union. The union exists to serve the interests of the union. If they are not opening, vaccinations should be immediately redirected to the elderly and most vulnerable.

From the Oregonian: “Gov. Kate Brown’s office issued more word salad this week as it pertains to clearing kids to play sports. I can only surmise that those in charge haven’t spent much time communicating with high school kids who are frustrated, depressed and feeling as though they don’t matter to our state leaders.” Oregon students continue to be sacrificed because teachers unions don’t want schools to reopen. Families that can afford to move to a different state that has the freedoms to attend school and play sports should move. But what does this attitude say to Oregon students that have worked and trained to be the best at their sports?

Oregon children and their wellbeing have been sacrificed on the altar of fear. Adults are making children suffer so they, the adults, feel safer. This is the exact opposite of how society should work.

  • New York Post opinion: “Our society has abandoned [children] and treated them as disposable. The damage caused by this abandonment is incalculable, and compounding every day we allow inertia, irrationality and the craven priorities of teachers unions to rule our decision-making.”

Gov. Brown and OHA have abandoned the “science” and are taking cues from the federal government. OHA is saying 70-90% of Oregonians will need to be vaccinated to get back to “normal”. Fauci said 70-85% of Americans will need to be vaccinated by the end of summer 2021 to get back to a “degree of normality”. When will Americans see they are being used in the quest for power?

How crazy is this? Schools are still closed for most students, but Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties can start reopening restaurants for indoor dining, but Marion and Polk Counties cannot. Could it have anything to do with the Salem Capitol being in Marion County and Democrats want to keep the people locked out?

Influenza like illness (ILI) are defying yearly trends and significantly down in Oregon. New Mexico, also with one of the strictest lockdowns, is reporting similar numbers.

No money? Oregon Democrats do not care. Prepare for more taxes.

The Oregon Employment Department (OED) is responsible for one of the worst bureaucratic failures in the state’s history. Oregonians were forced into unemployment by the government and did not receive the unemployment benefits they were told they would receive, many waiting weeks that dragged into months, for assistance.

When these Oregonians, who just want to go to work, finally received assistance from the federal government in a one-time check that barely covers rent in a Portland apartment with roommates, now Oregon will be collecting tax on stimulus checks when residents file their state income tax returns. To figure out how much is owed, filers should multiply their stimulus payment by Oregon’s state tax rate of 8.75%.

Oregon Democrat politicians are making it impossible to be employed and remain unemployed with the relentless taxation.

  • Oregon and New Mexico remain the sole 2 states where businesses are mostly closed according to the New York Times.
  • WSJ: Five states—Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, North Dakota and Oregon—experienced double-digit declines in state revenue.

Additionally, Oregon Democrats introduced an amendment to SB 137 to raise taxes on stimulus measures that were designed to help people weather the arbitrary government-forced COVID-19 lockdowns. Democrats plan on lowering the amounts for business loss deductions, deductions of net operating losses, and business loss limitations. The amendment creates a tax increase on businesses that would be retroactive – back to 2018. Oregonians could possibly be forced into amending past state tax returns if they pass this and you have used these deductions from the bipartisan CARES agreement.

  • On SB 137: “This amendment is a full-on assault on working families looking to recover,” said Senator Lynn Findley (R-Vale), Assistant Republican Leader and member of the Finance and Revenue Committee. “In the middle of a pandemic, Oregonians can’t afford for lawmakers to be messing with important tax relief that the CARES Act provided for working families. As proposed, this amendment would even increase taxes on small businesses that are losing money because of lockdowns.”

Senator Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) issued a statement on Gov. Brown prioritizing state tax dollars over hard-working Oregonians and their jobs.

Oregon Democrats want to give even more power to the governor/dictator during emergencies: “HB 2238 amends existing law with two objectives: 1) To clarify that, upon declaration of a state of emergency, the governor has authority to take private property (both real and personal) ‘that may be necessary for the management of resources following an emergency,’ and 2) To deny compensation to property owners when property is temporarily taken for such emergency purposes, unless compensation is required by the Oregon or United States Constitutions.”

From Marion+Polk First PAC: “Last month, SB 238 was quietly and anonymously introduced by the Senate Interim Committee on Education to ban School Resource Officers statewide… If passed, law enforcement will be effectively banned from our schools in any capacity, making students more vulnerable to school shootings and other violence. This bill is just the latest example of elements in the Oregon Legislature working to subvert the decision-making of our community by passing one-size-fits-all policies statewide.”

Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy Williams to resign at the request of the Biden Admin, effective February 28, 2021. Who knows what kind of pressure he faced after breaking with his party after speaking out against the horrific violence and damage in Portland caused by anarchists through the summer months.

National COVID-19

The mainstream media and World Health Organization (WHO) are working together to change the truth by now claiming that COVID-19 did not start in a Chinese lab, but came from an animal.

  • January 14, 2020 tweet by WHO: “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus.”
  • January 30, 2020 the WHO meeting praised China for its response to COVID-19. For example, “The Committee welcomed the leadership and political commitment of the very highest levels of Chinese government, their commitment to transparency, and the efforts made to investigate and contain the current outbreak.”
  • February 16, 2020 CNN reports China blocked Taiwan’s access to the WHO and further comments by WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus cheering for China: “…we are giving qualified recognition and actually my call is, please, let’s recognize as a world, as a globe what China is doing and help them and show solidarity.”
  • March 12, 2020 Reuters reported on WHO Director’s background: “Weeks after the new coronavirus emerged in China, he flew to Beijing, returning with lavish praise for the Chinese leadership’s commitment to fighting the disease through drastic lockdowns and other measures.”
  • April 8, 2020 Fox News reports comments by WHO leader: ‘“If you don’t want many more body bags you refrain from politicizing it.’
  • April 8, 2020 CNN reports that US intelligence officials were warned as far back as late Novemberthat COVID-19 was spreading through China’s Wuhan region and that it was posing a threat to the Chinese daily lives.
  • April 12, 2020 the Atlantic reports on how China deceived the WHO.
  • April 16, 2020 Fox News reportsthe Wuhan Institute of Virology, a top-secret Chines laboratory is under intense scrutiny for not following safety protocols in tandem with its dangerous research on bats and coronaviruses. ‘”The head of the WHO has stated many times that there is no evidence that the new coronavirus originated in the laboratory,” Zhao Lijian said. “Many prominent medical experts in the world also believe that the so-called laboratory leaks have no scientific basis.”’
  • May 4, 2020. Officials believe China covered up the extent of the COVID-19 outbreakto hoard medical supplies, leaked intelligence documents show.
  • May 18, 2020 NBC News: China gave $2 billion to the World Health Organization to “deal with the COVID-19 crisis”
  • May 18, 2020 NPR screenshot of then President Trump’s letter to the WHO on freezing funding.
  • September 15, 2020 Tucker Carlson interviewed top Chinese virologist and whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan about her claims that the Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released the COVID-19 virus

Considering the above timeline and the partnership with China, why should Americans trust what the WHO says about the origins of COVID-19?

Dr. Singer, a CATO Institute doc, says Americans “need to get used to the idea” that we’ll continue to see COVID-19 and related variants at endemic levels. As Dictionary.com conveniently says on the definition of endemic: “The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may never disappear, but could become endemic like HIV.”

For months the state-run media was preparing the narrative about new strains of COVID-19 to continue the panic. In May 2020 CNBC reported: “‘Superbugs’ (or strains of bacteria or viruses that have adapted and become resistant to different types of antibiotics used to treat the infections they cause) are a hidden danger in the fight against COVID-19, says former CDC director.”

On February 7 of this year, CNBC reports that a study by the CDC shows the UK strain is doubling in the US every 10 days. The CDC has an incentive to produce studies that show COVID strains maintaining a foothold in America to maintain power.

  • February 8, 2021 Fauci says “we risk creating more powerful COVID variants if we delay 2nd shots of the vaccine”

Entire industries have already been created as American sacrificed their freedom for an image of “safety”. For example, most airlines and airports will begin using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech to recognize if people are or are not wearing masks by the end of the summer 2021. Was this video foreshadowing what barely anyone listened to?

Other News

Time Magazine published a startling article celebrating the “shadow campaign” (not at all connected to the Biden campaign… as if) that “saved democracy”, when it actually shamelessly touts how the elite and their institutions got what they wanted.

  • The report described American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CFO) as the “architect” of this effort, in partnership with “resistance” organizations.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (CEO is now resigning, but no comments on if this is connected or not) and AFL-CIO, typical adversaries, partnered to have maximum impact: “Agreeing that their unlikely alliance would be powerful, they began to discuss a joint statement pledging their organizations’ shared commitment to a fair and peaceful election.”
  • One of the many quotes: “That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.”

In other words, the elite know what is best for you, and your nation.

What drives the elite? Money and power. 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil”

Unlike the anarchist and BLM riots that led to billions of dollars in damages across the country for months and the perpetrators have faced little punishment, the January 6 riot continues to lead the news and frame the arguments of many politicians and special interest groups that are attempting to impeach an unelected American citizen. The impeachment trial is more about vilifying conservative voters. State-run media reporters have called for sending Trump voters to re-education camps or for ‘deprogramming’.

  • Fighting back: A new Twitter app helps users block 800 New York Times reporters in one fell swoop.

In China: “The political leaders, or the party, try to maintain its permanent control over the regime and the internet is of course one of its very important tools.”

Bank of America spied on its customers and gave the information to the FBI without consent. The mindset, “I don’t have anything to hide” leads to normalizing this level of privacy infringement and in this current cancel culture we live in, how long until you are doing something the elite deem “incorrect”?  Are you buying too much flour, sugar, backing items?  Using your credit card to purchase stored food that could be seized by a government with this information?

Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of U.S. Capitol Police Officer, Brian Sicknick: “Investigators are struggling to build a federal murder case regarding fallen US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, vexed by a lack of evidence that could prove someone caused his death as he defended the Capitol during last month’s insurrection…medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.

  • The media is linking THREE officer deaths to the riot, but two of the three died by suicide in the days and weeks after.

Why did the fatal shooting of Ashley Babbitt on Jan. 6 disappear from the media?


Do not stand for being a “chump” anymore. You have power, especially in your individual purchases. How did Amazon grow to be the world power that it is? People choose every day for the convenience of its product delivery over shopping local. How did Facebook grow to the level of control it now has? People willingly gave up their data for endless scrolling.

Consider this: If the 74 million Americans that did not vote for Biden stopped shopping on Amazon and cut their prime subscriptions, wouldn’t that say something? If these Americans even just deleted the Facebook app from their phones (because it tracks you and sells that data all over) or logged in only one time per week or deleted it (but first download all of your data) all together, that would send these companies to their knees.


  • KINDNESS: Make the extra effort to smile (if possible) and say hello to strangers. Think about how kindness from a stranger makes you feel and pay it forward every time you leave home. Hellos, simple conversations, eye contact… these are small things, but they make a difference and are reminders of our shared humanity. Kindness makes us strong.
  • EDUCATION: Read about American history and your rights. Education is the best investment you can make in yourself; no one can ever take it from you. Check out the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission for American history without the damaging and inaccurate critical race theory rhetoric.
  • FOCUS: Pay attention and call out the media for the media-driven fear warped America’s COVID response.
  • PUT THE PHONE DOWN: Do what you can to stay off of Twitter, Facebook and Google, as they censor conservative voices while promoting the leftist agenda.


The government and culture do not care about you. This Cosmopolitan magazine cover says it all. It unscientifically calls obesity “healthy”, while science shows that obesity leads to a plethora of life-threatening conditions, least of all is how obesity worsens the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Stay alert, stay alive and do what it takes to boost your own immune system. Eat properly, drink water and get regular exercise.

Music is revolutionary and can strengthen social bonds. Recommended listening (changing gears from classical music): Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love and this remixed version by Cannons.


We all need to be prepared for future emergencies.  As my wife says, when she wants to lose those extra pounds she gained at the Christmas holidays, ”eat less and exercise more.”  Fitness can be that simple.  Another motivator, working on your own fitness, will allow you to help others who are frail.  Your fitness helps more folks than any mask!  Find your strengths she says. 

I would be remiss for not pointing out what we do in Oregon and America impacts Africa, Asia, and Latin America so when we shut down it hits developing nations ten times harder.  Act global instead of talking global.  

Once again, if you do not like the words of the other Oregonian writers then please do unsubscribe on the links below: manage preferences or delete profile. 


Brian J. Boquist

Oregon State Senator

New Mexico Flu Season

New Mexico Flu Season above is not gone … it is now Covid-19 colds, chills, fever, etc.

Japan Flu History

Japan’s flu season is gone too.  Is it because they re-defined Covid-19 too?

What is OHA trying to hide?

January 29, 2021

What is the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) trying to hide?

In our country, we are experiencing a crisis of trust. One way or another, we get our news from the mainstream media (MSM), or state-run media, where misinformation, bias and blatant censorship shape the headlines.

Each American is required to take a hard look at multiple news sources to come up with realistic conclusions for what is really going on. Something to note with the new administration: The state-run media is already falling over backwards to report on updates of all kinds – be it fashion or policy – meaning: they will report what they are told.

Check out calloutthemedia.com to cut through the double standards in the media.

COVID-19 in Oregon

What is OHA trying to hide? Oregon Health Authority (OHA) announced it will no longer provide detailed information about COVID-19 deaths. From the breaking news tweet: Since the first COVID-19 related death in Oregon on March 14, 2020, OHA has listed each of the individuals by county of residence, date of death, date of positive test or symptom onset and if the individuals had underlying conditions (but OHA never specified what the underlying conditions were). Says OHA Director Pat Allen: “…Moving forward we will share aggregated COVID-19 related deaths on OHA’s public dashboards, which are updated daily.”

  • Could it be OHA took another look at the results from the PCR tests, after the World Health organization (WHO) issued an advisory (on January 20, 2021, the day Biden was inaugurated) for labs to pay close attention to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that are used to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, because of the high rates of false positives from people who are neither sick nor infectious?

As stated in an October 22, 2020 Call Out The Media blog post: The PCR tests that are being used to verify positive COVID-19 cases are FRAUDULENT. The likelihood of a false-positive is 89-94%. On the PCR tests, even the CDC says on Page 38 of this July 2020 report says: The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection.

Another journalist made note that OHA changed its reporting on the deceased from COVID-19 which will include omitting ages, as the state has come rightfully under fire for failing to prioritize seniors and those at highest risk from COVID-19 for the vaccine.

OHA prioritizing “equity” over risk for who can have access to the COVID-19 vaccine, (Q7 at this link): “OHA will ensure the distribution process is based on community involvement that will provide an equitable system challenging the roles of power, privilege and racism— informed by a newly assembled COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC).” Oregon’s Democrat politicians are empowered to determine policy decisions on “equity” over science by the actions of the new administration.

  • “Equity” is the buzzword that rules the Left, and now the country with Biden at the helm. “Equity” does not mean “equality”. It means equal outcomes for everyone, regardless of any other factor.
  • Policy decisions for Oregon and the country are boiled down to what people look like – the definition of racism – not science.
  • Identity politics are the name of the game.

From an op-ed by Dr. Maureen Hoatlin: “The limited supply of the highly efficacious COVID-19 vaccines must be distributed with urgency and equity. We must also adjust the priority as new information about the pandemic develops. 

“Recently, Oregon’s Health Authority and Gov. Kate Brown decided to de-prioritize and delay vaccinations for Oregonians 65 years and older living in the community.  As a scientist with training in RNA virology, I would like to outline the science and evidence from my perspective that supports reversing that decision. 

“If the goal is to preserve life, and also to reduce the pressure on the hospitals, then the evidence supports vaccinating people 65+ without delay.”

From a different piece: “Vaccinating Americans over the age of 74 over the same period of time as frontline essential workers will significantly delay when some of those who are at greatest risk will receive the vaccine. And second, starting to vaccinate essential workers still puts a large group with a comparatively low risk of death ahead of a large group with a significantly higher risk of death.”

Additionally, COVID-19 cases have plummeted in Oregon since the highest count in the state on December 4, 2020 (2,144) and the most recent peak on January 14, 2021 (1,137). Oregon has seen a downward trend since January 15. Keep in mind, the state had less than 100 known cases at the time of the first shutdown in March 2020. Oregon has maintained a perpetual state of lockdown to accommodate the unscientific fears of many Oregonians.

Now, Governor Brown and many Democrat governors are under pressure to reopen their states (because the Democrat president should not have to face a state-mandated failing economy). NY Gov. Cuomo plans to reopen the state in “weeks” and California Gov. Newsom has reopened restaurants, not because it’s “the right thing to do”, no, he is facing a surging recall attempt. Gov. Brown has jumped on the bandwagon and is using her powers to “allow” some businesses to reopen, even in counties still under the arbitrary title of “extreme risk”. Gyms, for instance, can have SIX people in their facilities. It’s laughable to think about how the government uses “science” to determine what is allowed. No more than 6 in a gym, but anarchists in the streets can do as they please.

Let’s get kids back in school

Shortly before Biden assumed office, Gov. Brown reversed course on her education policies during the COVID-19 event by allowing districts to decide if they want to reopen schools. Brown set a Feb. 15 goal for schools “to return students to in-person instruction, especially elementary students.”

Unfortunately, a common pattern seen throughout the country with the lockdowns is it largely depends on where students live if they will receive in-person education. States in the southern half of America, such as Florida, have kept schools open, prioritizing education of their youths. Klamath Falls school districts reopened this month. But Portland-area kids look to be out of luck.

Teachers unions across the country are using extortion by saying kids will go back to school if the teachers are vaccinated first. But, lo and behold, teachers are getting vaccinated and still the unions don’t want teachers back in schools doing their jobsFairfax, VA schools are saying kids won’t be in school until even after Sept ’21, even WITH teachers getting vaccinated first, before dying seniors.

Disturbingly, it will be best case scenario if many kids only miss ONE entire year of school as it’s looking like the COVID-19 politicization will carry well into this year and likely next… especially with the “new variants” appearing everywhere.

The damage adults are doing to our kids is not worth it. Adults are prioritizing their fear of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate over the wellbeing of children. The virus was never a threat to children, and they infrequently transmit the virus. Forget the science though, because there is already the push for vaccinating kids.

The lockdowns have been to protect adults. Adults, who are supposed to protect the children, have asked kids to make enormous sacrifices.

Nevada parents are screaming to get kids back in school as they are seeing a suicide epidemic. In one Nevada school district, 18 kids have killed themselves; 9 more than 2019, and the youngest kid was 9 years old.

Kids were already struggling with suicides and mental illness before the COVID-19 political lockdowns and then adults made policy decisions to lock them in isolation, muzzle them in public (now we need 2-3 masks because “science”… can’t make this stuff up) and rip them away from their routines because the adults were afraid of the kids for no scientific reason. This is NOT how society is supposed to work. What is the reduction in COVID-19 case numbers from the lockdowns that makes even one child suicide worth it? This isn’t a science question; it is a moral one. Entire societies can be judged on how they treat their children.

  • What else can we expect from a society that does not protect innocent children in the womb?
  • How is a baby only a baby if it’s wanted?
  • Making abortion unthinkable won’t happen overnight. It will happen by taking small steps, one at a time, and persevering.

Biden unsurprisingly doesn’t scold cowardly teachers unions. There must be countless teachers who want to get back to work to teach the kids in-person because those that are allowed to speak out have said online learning isn’t the same. The union ultimately runs the show because the union funds Democrat campaigns.

National COVID-19

Trump admin tried to split vaccines to create more doses and FDA wouldn’t do it. Biden is in office and now the FDA approved it. Why are Americans okay with letting big-money control their lives for political reasons?

Merck & Co. is ending development of its two experimental COVID-19 vaccines, after early data showed they could not produce immune responses to the virus, the company announced Monday.

Why it matters: The news leaves one of the top pharmaceutical companies out of the running for producing a vaccine, as demand for the inoculation is outstripping supply.

There is more and more emphasis on being a “world” or “global” citizen. Both the Pope and Mormon Prophet have used that terminology when directing their congregations about the vaccine. This PragerU video about the differences between the left and liberals points out how when liberals directed the films about Superman, he emphasized that he was an American superhero. But when the left took over the direction of the action figure, he dropped his American heritage and became a “global” citizen. 


Anarchists destroyed property in Tacoma, Washington.

Oregon Democrats blame Republicans for anarchist destruction, even though the state has been under Democrat control this entire time.

Twitter did nothing to stop anarchists from promoting and planning destruction in Portland and Seattle.

This sounds a lot like the catch-and-release style the Portland DA deployed with Oregon anarchists: “Federal law enforcement officials are privately debating whether they should decline to charge some of the individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol this month — a politically loaded proposition but one alert to the practical concern that hundreds of such cases could swamp the local courthouse.”

It has been confirmed that at least one left-wing extremist who was formerly arrested at a BLM riot was at the Jan 6 U.S. Capitol breach. Could it be more, which is what leads to this headline? Based on the fact that the FBI arrested a man who allegedly interfered in the 2016 election by posting a meme. The only reason this guy matters is because he was politically in favor of Trump. From the DOJ press release: “A Florida man was arrested this morning on charges of conspiring with others in advance of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election to use various social media platforms to disseminate misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.”

It is obvious that the Democrats that now rule America are going after their political enemies. At this time, their political enemies are limited to “right wing” extremists (aka anyone who disagrees with the Left).

Additionally, failing to cite a specific threat, the Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism bulletin Wednesday warning of the potential for lingering violence from people motivated by anti-government sentiment after Biden’s election, suggesting the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol may embolden extremists and set the stage for additional attacks. Meanwhile, a permanent fence has been installed in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Other News

The super majority Democrats in Oregon never let a good crisis go to waste.  The title of their “priorities” page is “Transforming through Crisis”. This is a good article that decodes Governor Brown’s State of State speech to help Oregonians understand what is really going on under her fake words.

Rep. Bill Post (R-Keizer) issued a statement on how the Oregon Legislature is never NOT partisan.

Sen. Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) on his introduction of Senate Bill 659, which will allow students to attend any school in the state so students can get the education they deserve and makeup lost learning due to school shutdowns.

“Amazon has accidentally given a good primer on why universal mail-in voting (supported by the Washington Post, which is also owned by Jeff Bezos) simply isn’t dependable. Amazon, which has always resisted having a unionized work force, filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to prevent mail-in voting in a contest with the union in Alabama.”

Oregon Congressman Cliff Bentz was selected to be on the House Natural Resources Committee.

Hollywood elite use their money and status to jump in line for COVID-19 vaccine.

This is what cancel culture looks like: A woman who helps new parents teach newborn babies how to sleep (a very important first lesson for new parents), is being cancelled. Not for anything she said, but because another “parenting influencer” with too much time on his hands decided to doxx his competitor and destroy her so that he could swoop in and take her followers like a vulture.

When Trump was president, the media glorified their roles as the “truth tellers”, but now that Biden is in, the media is very vocal in how “normal” this presidency is, to cover up its highly abnormal aspects, such as how the presidency has essentially become an “elected dictator” with the use of executive orders becoming extreme. Biden signed over 30 executive orders within his first 6 days of presidency.

Even super-majority leader Chuck Schumer has essentially declared his role and that of Congress as useless and Biden should declares climate change a “national emergency”, which will give the president more unchecked power. Why should this be necessary with both the House and Senate controlled by Democrats?

None of these “truth tellers” are reporting on the homicide epidemic in America. WSJ op-ed by Heather McDonald reports 37% murders up, 2,000 more Americans, most of them black, were killed in 2020 than 2019.

Christian Science Monitor reports that overall crime has dropped but 2020 homicide rates exceed those of the late 80s before the overall crime drop. 51 cities of various sizes saw a 35% jump in murders. 21 US cities found 610 more murders this year than last year. Gun assaults increased by 10%.

Media seeks to blame the pandemic; they never blame the policies (or the panic) of the pandemic. You cannot tell millions of people to stay home for a year without income or education and not see horrific detriment to society.  The Netherlands recently extended their lockdowns, despite falling COVID-19 cases, and the country erupted in riots.

Big Tech has made incredible amounts of money during the pandemic; while hard-working Americans have suffered.

Biden must push back against the persecution of the Uyghur minority by the Chinese government. “The Chinese government’s campaign—assisted by mass surveillance using cutting-edge electronic and biological technology—is not just a horror in its own right. It serves as a cautionary tale about tech-driven and racially profiled oppression that we must stand against.”

The Economist was pushing CCP propaganda by celebrating China’s 100yr anniversary of communism. Millions of people died in the Cultural Revolution; a fact that is glossed over in favor of glamorizing communism for an American audience.


  • Stop buying from Amazon and Walmart and other big box stores. Remember in the “old days” when people would make lists of the things they needed from the store? It is a great exercise in self control.
  • Support local. Support the Oregonians who are standing up to government tyranny. A grassroots movement is empowering small businessesto disobey the arbitrary COVID-19 orders and reopen their doors for business. “Every business is essential because every business employs people who rely on their jobs to feed their families.
  • Check out this grassroots Oregon page about timber in the state.


  • KINDNESS: Make the extra effort to smile (if possible) and say hello to strangers. Think about how kindness from a stranger makes you feel and pay it forward every time you leave home. Hellos, simple conversations, eye contact… these are small things, but they make a difference and are reminders of our shared humanity. Kindness makes us strong.
  • EDUCATION: Read about American history and your rights. Education is the best investment you can make in yourself; no one can ever take it from you. Check out the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission for American history without the damaging and inaccurate critical race theory rhetoric.
  • FOCUS: Pay attention and call out the media for the media-driven fear warped America’s COVID response.
  • LISTEN: Some great podcast episodes to tune in to: this one and this one.
  • PUT THE PHONE DOWN: Do what you can to stay off of Twitter, Facebook and Google, as they censor conservative voices while promoting the leftist agenda.