Ford Offers Amazon Gift Card

November 21, 2014

Ford Offers Amazon Gift Card

With Ford offering an Amazon Gift Card with a value of $1000 with the purchase of new vehicles, they have just permanently lost any future sales from me such as replacing my current full size pickup that I use for business and pulling the family travel trailer.

This is a slap in the face and the promoting of a business that is working towards the destruction of my business and future ability to purchase any new vehicles, so why should I do business with a company [Ford] that is promoting others that mean my livelihood harm???


  • Unlike eBay, Amazon does not protect small businesses copyrighted content, both written and in pictures.
    In fact if you become an Amazon seller, you sign over your rights to all copyrighted content. I know this from contracts I have started to enter from Amazon or their surrogates.
  • Amazon seeks deals that lower the freedom of the Internet for small businesses such as mine by allowing Internet gatekeepers to provide faster speeds for their website over others such as mine.
    A comparison of Google search results from 2010 to 2014 shows that small businesses and good science based information web sites have already been pushed aside in favor or often less relevant search results displaying Amazon.
  • Again, unlike eBay, Amazon supports the Internet Sales tax.
    Why?, Because this will have little affect on their large business with tentacles everywhere in every state and a team of software writers that can over come such an invasive law that will force small businesses to file tax returns in every state and municipality of the USA where they make sales.

    Reference: Internet Sales Tax; is anything but fair

  • Amazon’s use of Black Hat SEO tactics to the harm of useful Internet searches, especially via the unfortunately popular Google searches.
    This again hurts small business and is a simple case of use of business monopolies that our Congressional leaders look the other way on, whether Democrat or Republican.

    Reference: Amazon & Google in Bed, Black Hat SEO; Search & Adwords Dishonesty

    Also from this website: Amazon Black Hat SEO Re-directs for Google Hummingbird

  • Simply follow the money!!!
    All one has to do is follow the money of where Amazon lobbies and places emphasis as outlined above. Amazon is clearly company that seeks to gain by use of monopolies, possible laws, lack of Internet freedom, and their own manipulation of copyrighted content taken by small print in contracts to promote other products.
    Like eBay or not, at least this company lobbies for the interest of small business, for which one can also say “follow the money” since eBay actually exists on the small businesses that are active with eBay.
  • Finally while not directly related to Amazon’s alleged business practices as per the Internet and small businesses there in, is Amazons alleged poor treatment of their own employees and abuse of the system.

    Amazon warehouse jobs push workers to physical limit
    My Week as an Amazon Insider

If you are OK, with this and can sleep well at night, good for you. But for the rest of us with a conscience, avoiding doing business with either company should be a high priority!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing “

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Disappearing Car Door

February 7, 2011

This in my opinion is one of those great ideas in concept, but in practicality is not so great.
First I have my doubts as to being safer (I could see more safety issues), but just from a mechanical aspect this is just another mechanical part to break down and unlike an electric window or door lock, this looks to be a major bug if & when this does break down.
The laughable aspect from my prospective is that they used a Ford product to which I have YET to own one that the electric windows, door locks, etc did not break down within a few years. In our case even repairs have yet to yield a complete fix and so if Ford (or maybe others too) cannot get an electric window right, what is to convince me they can get this more complicated system with more potential dangerous ramifications if and when it does fail?

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