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August 29, 2010

I added a new post to “My Endeavors” blog about the issues I have experienced with the RV industry from a few bad apples such as Siskyou RV that give the industry as a whole a “black eye”


Siskyou RV in particular is about as good an example as to how not run a business as there can be, and in these tough economic times in particular for the RV industry.


I have had questionable service there already on more than one occasion, but this can qualified in that this was for a piece of RV equipment that was a lemon from day one that I cannot expect any RV Shop to fix it completely.


However when noting this when I finally decided to either replace this equipment (as I earlier did with the lemon of a Dash AC that also came with this rig) I was met with condescending insult after insult that finally resulting in me finally making a rude insult back (& was meant by an even ruder four letter insult back), sadly this guys boss/coworker has selective hearing and discounted all this guys previous insults up to my finally firing back after 20 minutes of verbal abuse.


He insulted & verbally abused me on several points that while he certainly was entitled to his opinion he had no right to do so (no matter how bitter a person he was):

*My desire to purchase a Class C Motor Home

*My thoughts as to writing a letter to Onan outlining my history of repairs where I meticulously followed the mechanics recommendation for repair, (even when I disagreed).

*My compliment to the reliability of my Ford 460 engine and questions as to whether or not the newer V10 was as good or better

*My troubles with RV Service centers as to keeping their appointments to repair my Generator or other issues.


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