Ford Offers Amazon Gift Card

November 21, 2014

Ford Offers Amazon Gift Card

With Ford offering an Amazon Gift Card with a value of $1000 with the purchase of new vehicles, they have just permanently lost any future sales from me such as replacing my current full size pickup that I use for business and pulling the family travel trailer.

This is a slap in the face and the promoting of a business that is working towards the destruction of my business and future ability to purchase any new vehicles, so why should I do business with a company [Ford] that is promoting others that mean my livelihood harm???


  • Unlike eBay, Amazon does not protect small businesses copyrighted content, both written and in pictures.
    In fact if you become an Amazon seller, you sign over your rights to all copyrighted content. I know this from contracts I have started to enter from Amazon or their surrogates.
  • Amazon seeks deals that lower the freedom of the Internet for small businesses such as mine by allowing Internet gatekeepers to provide faster speeds for their website over others such as mine.
    A comparison of Google search results from 2010 to 2014 shows that small businesses and good science based information web sites have already been pushed aside in favor or often less relevant search results displaying Amazon.
  • Again, unlike eBay, Amazon supports the Internet Sales tax.
    Why?, Because this will have little affect on their large business with tentacles everywhere in every state and a team of software writers that can over come such an invasive law that will force small businesses to file tax returns in every state and municipality of the USA where they make sales.

    Reference: Internet Sales Tax; is anything but fair

  • Amazon’s use of Black Hat SEO tactics to the harm of useful Internet searches, especially via the unfortunately popular Google searches.
    This again hurts small business and is a simple case of use of business monopolies that our Congressional leaders look the other way on, whether Democrat or Republican.

    Reference: Amazon & Google in Bed, Black Hat SEO; Search & Adwords Dishonesty

    Also from this website: Amazon Black Hat SEO Re-directs for Google Hummingbird

  • Simply follow the money!!!
    All one has to do is follow the money of where Amazon lobbies and places emphasis as outlined above. Amazon is clearly company that seeks to gain by use of monopolies, possible laws, lack of Internet freedom, and their own manipulation of copyrighted content taken by small print in contracts to promote other products.
    Like eBay or not, at least this company lobbies for the interest of small business, for which one can also say “follow the money” since eBay actually exists on the small businesses that are active with eBay.
  • Finally while not directly related to Amazon’s alleged business practices as per the Internet and small businesses there in, is Amazons alleged poor treatment of their own employees and abuse of the system.

    Amazon warehouse jobs push workers to physical limit
    My Week as an Amazon Insider

If you are OK, with this and can sleep well at night, good for you. But for the rest of us with a conscience, avoiding doing business with either company should be a high priority!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing “

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I will NOT Shop Amazon, I will support Small business

November 29, 2013

Refuse Amazon, Shop Small Business


  • Small businesses that make the mistake to partner with Amazon give up ALL RIGHTS to their content, including pictures, to Amazon FOREVER!
    So even if a business realizes that teaming up with Amazon was not such a good idea, and they end their selling on Amazon, Amazon will retain and use their content and pictures to link to and sell other products.
    Often to products that are not even the same or of lesser quality!
  • Black Hat SEO practices employed by Amazon and allowed by Google that give Amazon unfair advantages over smaller competitors.


  • Amazon has supported and lobbied for the grossly anti-small business Internet Tax.
    EBay at least has understood how devastating this will be to small businesses and has lobbied to block this terrible piece of legislation that is thankfully been blocked in the US House of Representatives for now.
    Internet Sales Tax

    More as to Amazon:
    Purchasing Aquarium & Pond Equipment via Amazon

    As well as this newer post article where Amazon is clearly taking advantage of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and their hatred for Trump:

  • Amazon’s Feedback System is highly manipulated and grossly inaccurate.
    Based on my profession of aquarium/pond products where by I have over 35 years of hands on experience, I have read many Amazon reviews where by an excellent or even top notch product were slammed, usually because Amazon sold the product with incomplete parts for proper use or simply improper use due to inadequate information on Amazon.

    I answer emails regularly form those who have unfortunately purchased incomplete items or not received correct information from an Amazon product similar to what I sell.
    Worse yet, I recently received an email from the most vile person you could ever believe accusing me of attempting to harm his family by a filter back up and subsequent water leak (& the potential electrical fire this could have caused), because he purchased an API/Rena HOB filter from Amazon without the correct pre-filter that WE SELL and recommend for proper operation of the filter.
    He was too cheap to purchase the correct filter from me and instead purchased the incomplete filter from Amazon and somehow this was my fault.

    On the other side of the coin, I often read positive reviews on Amazon for products that scientifically cannot perform the job that is inferred on the Amazon selling page.
    This is common with many Amazon UV Sterilizers that can only perform Clarification, not true sterilization.
    And even then these often break down in less than a year

    Here is just one reference of what really makes a true level one UV Sterilizer:

  • Many persons will go into Mom & Pop businesses such as that of a friend I know who operates a Lego Brick shop (Rebel Bricks) and then get the free help while shopping at Amazon for a better price.


    These same types of persons do this in increasing numbers by reading my free articles online and then going to Amazon to purchase, often for an inferior product.
    My Stat software proves this too

Amazon Black Hat SEO Re-directs for Google Hummingbird

November 18, 2013

Amazon in Bed with Google, Evil

Once again Google is playing games with search.
In this case they are allowing to perform re-directs from URLs other than their own to boost Internet presence and SEO (in other words, what is called “Black Hat” SEO).

What is “Black Hat” SEO you might ask?
It is the manipulation of search engine via many different methods make a web page appear more relevant, accurate, authoritative, etc. than it really is.
Also reference:

Google claims to watch for this, but considering how much Black Hat SEO practices, it is obvious that Google is clearly looking the other way.

Here is just one of re-directs by
This URL:
www DOT
To this URL: DOT com/novalek-20/kordon/articles/breathing_bags.html

The original URL is an information page at Kordon about breathable fish shipping bags.
The re-direct is to a page on Amazon selling multiple items, BUT NO INFORMATION!!!
I have found many similar instances of information pages I or others have referred to being hijacked by to selling pages for related and often only marginally related products!!
In the instance above, the product in question does not even appear on the re-directed page! Talk about poor page relevance, yet Google allows this!

Please note I have broken the URLs above with a “DOT” as I do not want to aid Amazon and Google with their allegedly dishonest practices with any more ‘free’ links

Another aspect of Google algorithm changes Amazon has taken advantage of is the so-called Google “Hummingbird” update.
Here Google is playing thesaurus with our searches, and converting often longer phrases into different keywords, often with similar meanings, but still quite different.


An example here would be the search term “Aquarium UV Sterilization”, which is a scientific process, not a product.
HOWEVER the unique scientific information pages are NO longer found in Google search (these are in DuckDuckGo and other true/better search engines).
Instead we find in their place again crap content such as Amazon once more peddling a “Green Killing Machine” which is a product that does not even carry out this process in the true scientific sense!

What is interesting is one of my articles was plagiarized and manually dropped by Google in favor Amazon, and other Google Pet websites, so we know that Google is well aware of what is going on with Amazon and others.


In Summary
I do not think any honest or moral person should be utilizing Google Search nor purchasing anything off from Amazon that that they can purchase elsewhere.
Believe me, there are many alternatives to Amazon!!

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I will NOT Shop Amazon, I will support Small business:

Also consider DuckDuckGo for your searches, NEVER Google!!

For an excellent review of TRUE UV Sterilizers that actually perform the process of true level one UV Sterilization in aquariums or ponds, please read this article:

The Marketplace Fairness Act

May 3, 2013

This is clearly the most ANTI small business peice of legislation to come down the pike in decades.
Sadly even some dishonest pro BIG business Republican Senators such as Senator Blunt of MO have embraced this bill and all its lies

The Internet Sales Tax; is anything but fair

Here is just one small business backers of this bill hope to destroy:
Aquarium Supplies & Resources