LED Reef Aquarium Lighting- Google Adwords Fail

I was forwarded a message by a friend who was taken aback by the cost per click on a new Google Adwords campaign he opened.

This was from an excellent information article dealing with choosing the best LED Lighting, especially based on PUR for a Reef Aquarium.

When he investigated further, he found that Google scored his website low for Ad “Relevance”.
In contacting Google, he stated he encountered a rather belligerent lady who stated that Google scores this automatically and she could do nothing about this, but maybe he should fix his website— REALLY??

Here is the website:

Please see a screen shot below of this website:

Aquarium Reef Lighting Website Extorted by Google

When one looks at this website objectively, we can see these keywords are in the title, as well the very first graph (which is excellent BTW) displays light spectrums and their implication of ESSENTIAL PUR for a Reef Aquarium.

As he stated, I am sorry, just because Google says the Earth is flat, does not make it so!!

What is the importance?

The Answer: Much.
As with Google Organic listings, it is all about maximizing profits with their pals such as Amazon, who pays VERY little per click, likely only pennies when compared to the $2 per click Google was asking just for reasonable placement in this case with my friend.
You see when the relevancy score is low, Google charges much higher fees per click, thus making dishonest assessments of a web pages relevancy, Google stands to make much more $$$

Really when you look at Googles track record, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize the dishonesty rampant at this company.

Here are just a few examples:

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