Propane Containers; Worthington Industries 2021

Propane Containers; Worthington Industries- Pandemic Fallout.

Another fallout of the over the top Covid -19 Pandemic response is that with so many Restaurant being forced to have some sort of outdoor dining to survive, even in cold climates is the shortage of propane bottle and containers.
This is bringing up the price and making the small green containers virtually impossible to find which is hurting the many who are now homeless and use these for heater without any heat source.

Currently Worthington Industries is the only maker of these bottle/containers and they simply cannot keep up with production.

The only positive is for investors of Worthington Industries as their stock (WOR Stock Symbol) has climbed in recent weeks and likely will continue to climb since distributors has noted that pricing is increasing to allow for demand, thus increasing profits even more.

Further Information: Fox News; Propane tanks selling out as many look to warm their patios over winter

Propane Containers; Worthington Industries, excellent investment 2021

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