Shame on Microsoft & Internet Explorer

January 25, 2011

Microsoft Explorer Uninstall

Internet Explorer LogoMicrosoft needs to be less arrogant with Internet Explorer and allow it to be uninstalled as you can with Firefox or Chrome.
I do not say this because I hate IE8 or other explorer browsers, I only say this because for all Explorers many positives, it is a very “buggy” browser and the only option to clear this is to uninstall the browser.
I might add, I would not have spent so many hours trying to fix this bug if I did not like Explorer, because I do. What I do not like is the company’s arrogance toward their products (I had a similar issue with Office after my computer crashed and I cleaned the hard drive and attempted to re-install an expensive Office program and their company support was arrogant at best)

I cannot log in & out of my many accounts such as my Google account (which I run many business application through), the browser defaults to a another family member (who rarely uses this computer I might add).
Being able to manage my multiple business account and websites is essential, & this is my primary computer for business. This problem only exists on Explorer.

Believe me, I have attempted to clear the problem by clearing all cache, cookies, and even a restore back to the original browser settings. I also went into the control panel and ran IE Performance check (this was about as useful as that silly dog that searched for files in XP and never found a darn thing)
I changed to IE9 (which really stunk I might add), this too did not solve the problem.

I decided to give Google Chrome a try (& I am far from a fan of Google and their liberal dishonesty and plagiarism), Google Chrome runs reasonably well and although this browser cannot perform all the tasks I can with IE8, it certainly runs vastly smoother.
My only complaints with Chrome is that it does not open all the website templates properly to view HTML and it often has issues loading pictures on websites, requiring me to hit Ctrl+F5.
BTW, I also have Firefox, but is loads sooo slowly that it often drives me nuts and it often “hangs”. But at least I can uninstall these and then reinstall if need be.

While I realize that browsers are offered for ‘free’, as business person I also realize that the more a company has person utilizing these “freebies” the more that they might utilize products for sale (not to mention I paid for Windows 7 & it ought to work considering what it cost me for the upgrade from Vista).
Sadly, what Microsoft and all their so-called brilliance does not seem to understand from a business perspective is that by forcing IE on consumers in a way that they are part of an operating system (Windows) it does not allow one to fix the problem of a defective software crash. This is kind of like Ford telling a customer that they must replace the entire car to fix bad ignition system.

What is the result?
The result is I no longer use IE8 and likely will never use this browser on this computer (as I am not going to either buy Windows or even perform a re-set in time which would nullify many other important programs I have added), while now good ole Google has one more tentacle around me via a browser that works and if it ever ceases to work, I can simply uninstall and reinstall.

Shame on Microsoft for such stupid business decisions.

Update 2/07/11

Well after using Chrome for a few weeks, I have to say while it is still a very “smooth” browser with few “stalls, hangs, etc.”, it cannot do much either.
Chrome cannot:
*edit my main business template
*edit html on other templates such as Yahoo Groups
*Is totally useless for PayPal control panels (business use)

The bottom line?
*This is a nice browser for basic internet browsing, however it is totally useless for anything beyond this, which really surprised me as I expected this to be similar to Firefox as I have heard (maybe incorrectly) that many of the designs were taken from Firefox.

*I should also note that Google Chrome has a known issue with pages not loading well as per text and pictures; this requires depressing the control key and F5 key simultaneously for the web page to properly align (sometimes more than once too). Google should have fixed this problem a long time ago, but seems to ignore my computer “geeks” advice for the fix.

*So I must use Firefox on my main work computer despite its problems with being slow & hanging (even after a re-install).

Again, as was the purpose of this blog post, my reason for writing this was not to condemn IE8, as despite many many others not liking this browser, I found it the most overall useful, but since I cannot get a cookie out and uninstalling and re-installing is not an option, I no longer can use IE8 anymore (IE9 just kept this cookie). So my main option is Chrome for everyday browsing and Firefox business work.
It is just too bad that Microsoft is so desperate to make their products proprietary, they do not realize that a simple uninstall option would solve so many problems.

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