The China Trade Issue; What the Media is Not Telling You

The USA and China Tariff Issue, the truth, facts

I have noticed that FOX is often bashed in social media and by late night TV so-called celebrities, and while I will admit that I would NEVER recommend them for all news and that they too are inaccurate, I find that still often cover both sides better than the Main Stream Mdia (MSM).
Case in point is just last week I was watching ABC GMA, which I do every morning, and I noticed that they were giving only one side to the China trade issue and a very slanted side at that which is so typical (often not directly lying, but often providing a very narrow picture of an issue that fits a clear agenda).

I will be blunt and quite forward in that I have very intimate knowledge of dealing with China going back years/decades in dealing with international trade in my industry.
The FACTS are China lies, cheats, steals and much more than ANY OTHER country I deal with.
They have destroyed my industry (Aquarium/Pond Information & Products) with their cheapening patent infringements, are very dishonest in deals, often cheapening products in the process.
While there is no denying that there will be pain short term, the facts are China has been allowed to get away with way too much for way too long.
What they buy from the USA is miniscule and while they may not see it this way based on how they do business compared to most other countries, we do in fact hold the upper hand.

Quite frankly, even if the tariffs are never lifted, this will be good long term as this will simply drive business to growing manufacturing countries such as Vietnam. In fact most furniture that was previously made in China has already been shifted to Vietnam making it the number #1 furniture manufacturer despite lies I heard the other day on ABC.
For my industry, hopefully more manufacturing will return back to Taiwan before China stole much of it via patent and product design infringement (often cheapening the products in the process). The products were better back then and the honesty in dealing with Taiwan compared to China was night and day.

What is also noteworthy is that every dollar China makes from the USA helps China build its military and grow its influence in the region and the world. Mean while China steals technology to further build their rise to power.
While dishonest/corrupt media and Democrat Party complains about Russia, Russia at its worst (when the USSR) built their war machine without USA money from trade. This is why when they could not keep up with the USA in the 1980s, their empire collapsed.

China is much smarter and is using just enough capitalism to get what they want as they rise to the dominant and evil world power!!


Back to the media; I watch the mainstream media daily (ABC in morning and NBC in the evening), and NOT ONCE have they provided even a fraction of a balanced portrayal of the facts here.
YET, when I turned on FOX, they provide a much more well rounded report on this issue (even then, FOX came up short of the full facts here as I think they too want to be part of the cool kids media club).

Finally, this article is NOT meant to be the end all of China Trade information with the USA, it is a complex issue with many winners & losers. My point here is to outline how there are many who are impacted by our trade with China that the media NEVER reports and how quite bluntly from my industry’s perspective, we would be much better off if all trade ceased with China if a fair deal cannot be reached.

This however does not mean that there are Americans who benefit greatly from trade with China.
How the media treats this issue reminds me of the ACA (Obama Care); the media regularly shows stories of those helped by the ACA and would be hurt if it were to be put to bed. However the media rarely, if ever, reports stories showing those of us who have had premiums rise considerably, out of pocket expenses more than triple, or have had to pay penalties and more under the ACA.
Ditto the China Trade issue, the media is only showing one slice of the pie, one that makes Trump look bad, ignoring those of us cheering him on like the person standing up to the bullies that have made our lives miserable.

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Why the media is lying about China trade with the USA

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