Republicans or Democrats; Who REALLY is more popular?

Make up of United States Federal and State Governements

Despite the news media lies and slander, mis-reporting, and simply non-reporting of the facts and real news, they have convinced many persons in this country that the Republican Party is not doing so well.
All because Mitt Romney lost the election by 4% (he did BETTER than McCain).

Sadly little was said about the Democrats popularity after their HUGE losses in 2010!!

Hmmm, let’s look at the facts though.

2013 USA Governor Make up, Republican, Democrat

2013 USA Senate Make up, Republican, Democrat

2013 USA House of Representatives Make up, Republican, Democrat

When you add in the executive branch (the President) the FACTS ARE we are an equally divided nation.

Some might choose to argue State Governments do not count, but I would beg to differs since the is THE UNITED STATS OF AMERICA and amendments to the Constitution MUST be ratified by States

What is more interesting are these percentages (& I am being generous to Democrats by counting in the Independents in their columns):

Government Body Democrats + Independents Republicans Percentage
Governors 20 30 40/60%
House 200 232 46/54%
Senate 55 45 55/45%

You can see that the House and Senate are about equally divided as a percentage, HOWEVER the Republicans have a much more clear majority in the Governorships!
One could argue too that the Senate would be more close yet if it were not for a couple of selfish baffoons running for Senate on the Republican side in 2012 that should have stepped aside after simply stupid comments.

Another addition could be State Legislatures, which as of 2013 is as follows:
*27 Republican-controlled Legislatures
*17 Democratic-controlled Legislatures
*Split Legislatures
*1 Officially non-partisan (Nebraska)

HMMM!, once again the FACTS show that more of our Government is under control of the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, HOWEVER you would never know this by listening to MSNBC, CNN, ABC GMA (especially with that fraud of a journalist George Stephanopoulos).

Friends, Numbers do not lie.
This is not to say the Republican Party has some problems to fix, but then so do the Democrats.

Further References:

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*List of News Media Lies

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