Rogue Valley Property Management; Review

Rogue ValleyI feel as a member of the professional business community here in Grants Pass and as a good judge of character to blow the whistle on those who have NO understanding of business morals.

As well, since I have an awesome employee that has been harmed (including his marriage) by the ethics of Rogue Valley Property Management, I think the community of Grants Pass Oregon should be aware of this place and their manager.

The types of sleazy business practices shown by this company and their manager in particular are the types that give the rest of the community and other businesses a black eye.

As well, our society is harmed in general, as their moral standards is what leads to groups such as the Occupy Movement and worse persons of the ilk of President Obama in office as a backlash to the dark side of capitalism.

Here are just a few of their alleged immoral activities

  • Entering a residence while only the lady is home and in the shower
  • Entering property at odd hours.
  • Blocking entry ways
  • Ignoring previous lease agreements
  • Failure to return phone calls
  • And simply failure to act like a member of the human race

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One Response to Rogue Valley Property Management; Review

  1. Devon Trigg says:

    Here’s our story and you decide.

    A year ago we rented a property in the Grants Pass area from Craig’s List. My wife was searching for a new place for our family to live. We had outgrown of city apartment. It was an over sized lot with two residents houses. It had lots of room to do as we please. Nothing like the city. We knew this was the place we wanted to live.

    After working with a smaller property management group to move in, we had the keys! When we moved in nothing was really done, but we didn’t mind. We loved the rental so much. It didn’t even have a refrigerator (which we were promised). We fixed the house up, but there were still maintenance that needed to be done. As time went on, we had to call the owner because nothing was being done. This included the dishwasher not working, two sinks not working, and two supports in the front of the house that could have came down with a push. The owner then fires this first company and puts Rogue Valley Property Management in charge. This company came in a did a little inspection and our rental agreement was given over to the company and life goes on.

    Some time goes by and our neighbor behind us (in the same back yard) get their 30 day notice. No reason other than they wanted to do maintenance on the house. Thank God, these friends of ours had already been looking for a new place to live and when they got their notice, they had already put an offer on a new place! Good for them, but questionable about the maintenance company.

    When this happened, my wife and I were making good money and we wanted to see if we would be able to rent this back house. We had some safety concerns about our children and it would also make the whole property ours! We pitched the idea and the owner allowed it.

    More time goes by, like 3 months. And this entire time, Rogue Valley Property Management was in and out of our back yard! They kept saying that because the property was dual residents, they had the right to come and go as they please. While this is partly true, every time these people came in our back yard, they were effecting us, by being on our porch, using our electricity without permission, and not allowing us to let our dogs out. We tried talking with Jonathan from Rogue Property Management over and over, each time, just being shut down because it was a “dual residence”. We started to get upset. All we wanted to know, is when will people be there. Everything was taking to long and all the maintenance they were doing was not even something we asked for.

    Again every time I talked to Jonathon, be kept trying to make every issue I had into an issue he had with our house. Usually the dogs. Claiming one of them were not in lease. Almost like saying, sorry were not going to do anything. Plan and simple, we were wrong and he was right, every time.

    By this time, my wife became sick and people were still in and out of our yard. I told Jonathon that we were no longer interested in the new place behind us. He tired telling us that everything they were doing was for us which we knew was a LIE because they evicted the previous renters to do maintenance. Still, with all the work they did over all that time, and it still looked so incomplete and we were no longer interested. It was hopeless. All this time and money being dumped into maintenance and all we ever wanted was not to have to do dishes by hand for a family of four. So, I called Jonathon out.

    Now our complaints were that all this maintenance is happening and none on our house. So what does Jonathon do? He sends people over to do maintenance, on maintenance requests we had in for almost a year now! Nice of him right? Nope, they came at all different hours and days. never letting us know, but now, it’s on the house we are living in! But still, when I asked Jonathan to communicate, it was still our fault. Maintenance still took over another month in our house. FIVE MONTHS TOTAL NOW.

    Can you guess what has happened now that I called this company out? Yup, you guessed it. We got my 30 days.

    So, we moved into this place with a bunch of promises! (Always get your promises written down and signed!!!)
    The dishwasher, sinks, and support work. (even though it was advised to have this amenities.)
    Maintenance comes around and did as they pleased. NEVER a 24 hour notice.
    With no end is sight, I keep asking Jonathan when it will stop and just to communicate with us. And just like I figured, we get 30 days.

    So are we going to fight it? Nope. I love my house (was home) and have put a lot of effort into it. But, as long as Rogue Valley Property Management is around, I’d rather leave. You need someone on your side and Jonathan was never on ours.

    We know that we had a great deal on our rental, but nothing worth not being treated as human in our own home. We also looked for this good deal for over a year but just like that, Jonathan got his hands on the place and we’re out. I’d put good money on the fact that now that the maintenance is “done”, and we fixed up the house, they’ll just raise the rent for the next people.

    We know that finding a rental is difficult, but we ask that you stand with us against companies with poor business ethics.

    There’s our story, what’s yours?

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