Oz the Great and Powerful , Mila Kunis was Excellent

Oz the Great and Powerful , Mila Kunis was ExcellentWhile I will admit right away that I am often a glass half empty person and I was somewhat pessimistic prior to viewing “Oz the Great & Powerful”, I was more than taken back by this movie.

Simply put it WAS GREAT!!

I am very excited now about seeing the future installments of this movie too.

What has me confused are the many poor reviews of Mila Kunis as Theodora.
While I would certainly agree that Michelle Williams was excellent as Glenda and Rachel Weisz was excellent as Evanora, I thought with just a few mild problems with Mila Kunis once she transformed, she too was excellent.

If I understand the plot, Mila Kunis was supposed to be a conflicted but good person who in the spirit of Star Wars goes to the “Dark Side”.
If I am correct, she was incredible at this as I felt very saddened as if she was my own daughter watching her glee at finding the “wizard” then to only be pulled down the path of evil by Evanora.

The scene that sealed this for me was her skipping with glee down the yellow brick road toward Oz.
As I noted, she reminded me of my oldest daughter, and how happy she often was, prior to events that changed her many years ago (which caused our move to Oregon).

Based on this I look forward to the third installment where I am guessing that she is brought back to the “good side”

The only negative to her portrayal was her somewhat over the top shrill portrayal of the wicked witch of the west once she transformed, but even here this is but a very mild complaint.

My biggest complaint was James Franco as Oz, he was a bit to plain sleazy & creepy rather than a the good hearted con man I believe the script was calling for.
However even then James Franco was far from awful and my wife enjoyed him probably more than I did.

The bottom line was this was easily one of the most likable and fun movies I have seen in years (easily a 10), and one I certainly look forward to more, probably as much as the original Star Wars.
AND Mila Kunis was a major reason for this as I felt hurt for her character because of her excellent portrayal of innocence, then lost.


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