Google Insults Christians with Easter Doodle; Boycott Adwords

Google Doddle with Cesar Chavez on Easter, no Adwords

While the main stream Media rarely calls out Google for their dishonesty and other less than moral actions; they (Google) got caught with egg on their face with their doodle featuring communist Cesar Chavez dressed in white on Easter.

Many such as myself initially thought this maybe an early April Fools joke, but it was not.

While others also might find Cesar Chavez a hero, the facts, especially for those with ties to family farms, was that he was a communist sympathizer who had a hatred for the American Capitalist system
From Chavez:
“Until the chance for political participation is there, we who are poor will continue to attack the soft part of the American system – its economic structure. We will build power through boycotts, strikes, new union – whatever techniques we can develop. These attacks on the status quo will come, not because we hate, but because we know America can construct a humane society for all its citizens – and that if it does not, there will be chaos.”

Fast forward to Eater 2013, while Google has never made a doodle at the very least wishing well their Christian friends on Easter, they clothe a communist in white in almost a Jesus like aura and place it on their home page; HOW INSULTING!!!

Then there is this (from Fox News; Google creates controversy with Cesar Chavez doodle):
“Google defended the decision by saying it reserves the spot for historical figures and events, but a review of its past doodles shows it has never honored Jesus on Christmas or Easter, despite his historical and spiritual significance to billions around the world.”

What can we do if you are offended by this action?
For one STOP using Google search, their are many better search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo or Blekko.

Better yet, if you run a business that advertises via Google Adwords (such as I do), at least send your Adwords administrator an email stating how you feel, then “Pause” your Adwords for a day, a week, whatever you feel conformable with.

Also consider joining this Facebook Page:
Boycott Google Search

For those not familiar with Google’s lack of integrity, I should tell you this is nothing new.
However this is NOT a surprise for those familiar with their Plagiarism in the name of their extremely dishonest Adsense division, and their lies about their Algorithm updates “Penguin & Panda” which at least in my line of work I can prove is noting but a spam update that promotes “cut and paste” spam and websites such that promote such misinformation.

Unfortunately the news media and those (especially on the left) who believe everything persons such as George Stephanopoulos say, will never know or understand the truth about this immoral company.

BTW, for those at Politico and other hate filled blogs (yes I have read the comments there on this issue, so the word hate is correctly used); I do not think you understand the relationship many Christians have with Jesus, as it is not a Religion in the sense many on the outside looking in see it, rather a relationship.
As well; from my perspective, I would understand this as a simple oversight (which it clearly was not) if it were not for the extreme dishonesty practiced by this oversize gorilla of the interest.
I can state this as a matter of indisputable FACT based on their Penguin/Panda updates and the lies surrounding these algorithm updates as well as the corruption in their Adwords/Adsense programs.

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