Facebook Advertising; Dishonest Epic Fail

Facebook Advertising, Dishonest Epic FailUpdated 12-9-15

Facebook is clearly a company run my politically correct narcissists, this can be seen in both their business practices and in what they allow and think makes for “good community guidelines”.

This company will allow hate, bullying, even Terrorist supporters (until forced to take down due to political pressure).
On December 8, FB removed a well stated post quoting previous Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir while leaving anti-semitic hate speech.
Reference: Facebook vs Golda

Update 12-8-15

Again Facebook is playing games with their 20% so called text rule, which frankly how much text we place in an Ad is our business, not theirs!!
Either way, our picture person is well aware of this and we spent some time working on a new campaign and measurements showed 12% text, well under their Gestapo like 20% rule.
Yet the Ad never ran!!
Emails and questions in their forum went unanswered and finally I got an answer in Chat and while no one bothered to communicate, some snot nosed brat at FB decided this picture had 28%, which is simply a lie, see for yourself:

Facebook Advertising Fail

Original Post:
Our business gave Facebook Advertising a try for 5 days.

On the plus side, we got quite a few new likes for our business Facebook Page.
See: Facebook; American Aquarium Products

However we have yet to track a sale from all these new “likes”.
This though is not a problem, as we are still hopeful that this can result in re-posts on Facebook that will result in persons reading our large library of articles (such as TMC Aquarium UV Sterilizer Review) then eventually a sale.

Aquarium, fish Information Articles
TMC Vecton, Pond Advantage UV Sterilizer Review


Please also reference this article which further displays the failure Facebook and other social media is for promoting a business:
The Fraud Social Media is for Web Traffic, SEO

Our complaints are threefold:

(1) We set our Facebook Ads to only run in the USA/Canada, yet we had “likes” from Iran and many other such locations that we do not even do business with, so this is a waste of our time AND our money.
Facebook has yet to address this in our emails, we only get canned responses.

(2) We clearly set our Ad for 5 days, which Facebook’s own statistics show, yet out of the blue Facebook charges us another day a week after our Ads were paused.
We also found our setting were changed (not by us) for a much higher daily budget (ten times our initial daily budget).
Both of these actions constitute fraud by Facebook

In the end, our business credit card awarded our money back, as they too acknowledged the evidence we produced proved our points.

(3) Facebook’s customer service is AWFUL!
While admittedly we too use a few canned responses to help with certain emails, we still address any issue a customer sends us via email.
Facebook on the other hand hides behind this internet screen and has absolutely no customer service. No matter how we word our emails and give them statistics, we get the same lame canned response that never addresses the issues (nor have they refunded the over charge)

We have also attempted to reach out directly to their advertising department in Oct. of 2013, to help create an advertising campaign.
Outside of an initial response from Erica Mitchell (emitchell@sales.fb.com), we have yet to get an answer to any direct query to set up a satisfactory advertising campaign via Facebook

We decided once more in December of 2013 to promote a post after taking the bait from Facebook on an excellent newsletter post we made.
What happened? Facebook disallowed the post because the picture had too much text in it?
REALLY Facebook?
This was an excellent picture that an employee spent days on.

Of course as usual, Facebook has yet to answer emails about this scam (they charged us too)


What is Facebook?
Obviously it is a company run by snot nosed brat children that have no knowledge of marketing, and most importantly customer service.
20 years ago, an advertising company would not get away with the horrible customer service, poor results, and insulting of clients by disallowing good marketing campaigns.
Sadly we live in a different world today

While our company might be “small potatoes”, we were seriously measuring our Ad results and planning to resume our Ad campaign, but after this we had to close/delete our Ad just to stop any future false charges.

After this I know now why Facebooks IPO was such a failure, and while Facebook stock is starting to show some recovery (as of this blog post), once investors know what an epic fail Facebook Advertising is, this stock will likely fall even more.

Sadly though, from my personal dealings with certain brokerages, many do not do their homework. But I do know that I will make sure that my Mutual Funds in my retirement portfolio contain no Facebook stock and if later added I will divest of this awful company.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is a person with little business sense, and while he might fool some, his treatment of many Facebook users and small business is typical of his world view.

3 Responses to Facebook Advertising; Dishonest Epic Fail

  1. Don Fenning says:

    I have the same issues… A ton of clicks and likes from Egypt and Malaysia, even though they are not in my targeting audience.

  2. Colin Ward says:

    Keep up the good fight Carl! I’ve been keeping aquariums since I was 10 (38 years now) and you guys are by far the best aquarium shop I have ever encountered. You provide quality products, your prices are reasonable, and you provide more expert knowledge than I have ever come across, allowing customers to cut through marketing hype to determine the best value for their dollar and products that will best meet their needs. Thank you!

  3. cstrohmeyer says:

    Thanks Colin for the encouragement!
    I guess I am old school, as I always felt I worked for my clients, in the same way I feel those who we are paying to advertise our business worked for us/me; but these people operate on a totally different concept of business.
    As yet no returned emails or phone calls, only a robotic response

    Unfortunately the way the world of the Internet operates any more with Google is not quality of content, but purely popularity, so you need to do well in social media such as Facebook.
    This too is frustrating, as if I wrote an article claiming the earth was flat and did well in social media, I could out rank good science proving I am wrong

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