Media Bias; Stephanopoulos et al; Fictitious Romney Comments

Media Bias, StephanopoulosThe main stream media bias has hit all time lows of late with the 2012 US presidential elections.

First; Romneny’s comments about the appeasement of the Muslim Brotherhood was taken out of context and more importantly he WAS CORRECT

What IS NOT REPORTED is the “Benghazi-Gate” cover-up.
The lies and cover up of what actually went on in Benghazi Libya is on par or exceeds what went on with Nixon and Watergate in 1972;
See: Obama‘s ’Benghazi-Gate‘ Is ’Worse Than Watergate’

Don’t expect dishonest make-believe journalists like George Stephanopoulos to report on the Obama Benghazi-Gate cover-up.

Next; The audio recording of Romney is dishonestly edited (which is not reported by most of the main stream media), and more importantly Romney was stating the facts as hard as they for many to accept; and that is 49% (Romeny stated 47%) of households in the USA actually have someone with some sort of government assistance.
Reference: Census: 49% of US Lives in Households Receiving Gov’t Benefits

Question; Do we really want that many persons on government aid?
Certainly not in a nation that is expanding its economy and wealth via healthy economic growth.

Also, these comments are great for an honest debate of ideas and any true conservative knows this. Conservatives should be proud of Romney as he has not blinked by backing off as a true conservative does not need to explain their compassion as true conservatism IS compassionate as it emulate Biblical principles to teach a man to fish rather than the liberal version to give a man a fish.
Of coarse there are always going to be phony RINO fake Conservatives such as Senator Dean Heller of Nevada (he needs to grow a pair), but then what would you expect from the state that brought you Harry Reid?

This is NOT to say there should not be any safety net, but I personally learned after a few decades of constantly contributing many $$$$ in taxes, when my family was hit by hard times and we fell well under the poverty level, we were denied Food Stamps based on an anti-small business discriminatory accounting practice by the Federal government.
My point is this safety net is very suspect as to really being a safety net, which in truth it often is only a liberal excuse for wealth redistribution.

Finally; just watching ABC GMA every morning, all they focus on is Mitt Romney and his perceived issues, YET the first 1/2 hour of this show RARELY focuses on the vast amounts of failings of Obama (past and present such as his failed Muslim Brotherhood policy).
When one honestly weighs these failings it is like comparing a Yugo (Obama) to a Mercedes (Romney)
If one cannot see this media bias, they should be selling air conditioners to Eskimos.
Sadly the extremely dishonest George Stephanopoulos had the audacity to deny these facts in a video shown on the article (his arrogance shines through as well):
George Stephanopoulos, Obama Kool Aid, Lies

Let me now give a parody of how the media operates with several fictitious stories the media would report if they thought it could bring Romney down.

Fictitious Media Stories about Romney:

  • Report: Romney is caught double dipping!
  • Report: Romney caught not washing hand after using the restroom
  • Report: Romney caught exiting Morman Temple
  • Report: Romney is caught with open mic stating the sun will set and rise the next morning
  • Report: Romney is caught with open mic stating the world is a sphere
  • Report: Romney creates many jobs over his career resulting in missing time spent at donut shops due to being at work

The above were just a few examples of how ludicrous the media is, especially with hacks such as George Stephanopoulos in attempting to smear Romeny.

In the meantime, the media refuses to report the constant Obama failings (such as the Muslim Brotherhood) or spin comments like “you didn’t build that” to aid his gaffe

Obama kisses the ass of Muslim Brotherhood, terrorists

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