Free Obama, NObama Bumper Stickers for 2012

These Free Obama, NObama Bumper Stickers can be downloaded for printing.

Simply click on the desired sticker to enlarge, then right click to save or print.

Laminating or adding clear silicone to each side prior to applying to your bumper or winder will make these more weather resistant and easier to remove later.


Anti Obama; Pro Gun, God, Life


Obama Blame Bush


Obama LOL


Obama, Worst President Ever


Obama, Why Stupid persons should not vote


Finally, while this post was meant more for “tongue & cheek” humor than anything; however based on the crude and condescending Pro-Obama/Anti Bush hate email/comments I have gotten, I apparently have hit a nerve.

What is so really telling is that this type of hateful email/comments with my business and free aquatic articles websites has increased 5 fold since Obama has taken office.
This tells me that this despicable president has set a standard for this type of rude and hateful speech, and this along with the attacks on small business by this man and his cohorts (Harry Reid et al) is ONE MORE REASON TO VOTE ANYTHING BUT OBAMA

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List of Obama Failures


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