Nancy Grace & Casey Anthony

Nancy Grace This is a subject that I am sure many others have written about and have opinions, in particular the Casey Anthony case and verdict.
However I am coming at this from a different angle from other commentaries I have read in this, my brief article/commentary.

I will first admit that I was sure that Casey Anthony was guilty based on the media presentation of the case, in particular based on Nancy Grace’s so-called expert presentation of the case.

Even after the not-guilty verdict, I listened to her “expert” commentary and trusted the fact she was actually there (unlike myself).
However, I then thought to myself that she was rather sure of herself and was then curious as to her background. I was horrified to read and find out her background “screamed” of some of the dishonest person that have severely harmed my family based on provably false accusations.

Here are just a few of Nancy Grace’s questionable actions

*Obviously in the Casey Anthony case she had her mind made up

*During the Elizabeth Smart case, when suspect Richard Ricci was arrested by police on the basis that he had a criminal record and had worked on the Smarts’ home, Grace immediately and repeatedly proclaimed on CourtTV and CNN’s Larry King that Ricci “was guilty,” although there was little evidence to support this claim. She also suggested publicly that Ricci’s girlfriend was involved in the cover-up of his alleged crime. Grace continued to accuse Ricci, though he died while in custody.
It was later revealed that Smart was kidnapped by Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, two individuals with whom Richard Ricci had no connection.
She has not apologized for this either to my knowledge.

*She has on at least two occasions as a prosecutor played fast and loose with the truth.
Based on a case from 1997, Nancy Grace ethics were commented in a 2005 opinion on by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens.

*In 2006, 21-year-old Melinda Duckett committed suicide following a harsh and over the top interview conducted by Grace concerning the disappearance of Duckett’s 2-year-old son Trenton.
This is not a vindication of Melinda Duckett by me, my point is that Melinda Duckett deserved a trial by jury, NOT a trial by over zealous District Attorneys turned CNN reporter/commentators!

See: Nancy Grace Faces Charges (Melinda Duckett)

*Nancy Grace embellished the story of her college fiancé’s 1979 murder and the ensuing trial to make it better support her image.
See: Did Nancy Grace, TV Crimebuster, Muddy Her Myth?

* It is obvious to me that Nancy Grace has built her career by stretching the truth and her bully tactics that leave no room for human error on her part


First this is/was a lesson for myself; while only Casey Anthony and God likely know the full truth, the jury found Casey Anthony innocent and I believed malicious commentators such as Nancy Grace without doing my homework

Second; Nancy Grace smacks of the irresponsible and downright evil persons I have encountered in DHS, CPS that are self appointed guardians of the “facts” as they fit their corrupt agenda.
These DHS, CPS persons actually believed charges made by a psychopathic predator rather than the facts backed by many reliable references, facts of time and location that were backed up, facts of written letters/emails of proof showing origins of evidence, financial records, and testimony of my daughter’s therapist based on years of sessions.

In one incident in 1999, one so-called child advocate was even told off by a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy after he saw the evidence totally contradicted here false charges (he even had to forcibly remove her). Sadly this all occurred after my son was born with many issues (including a bout with Meningitis) to which I was the primary care giver all while working long hours with my business (my wife was suffering severe postpartum depression at this time which in part allowed for the predator to get a foothold)

In an incident that stemmed all the way back to the other incidences of the late 90s and early 2000s, the Oregon DHS took evil actions based on a very questionable piece of so-called evidence (ignoring all the facts I noted earlier). After the court threw out the charges and the evidence finally got the light of day, this corrupt individual still would not admit her mistake, instead she made lame comments similar to Nancy Grace has when she has been proven wrong.

See: DHS, DCS, CPS; Oregon Children Protective Service Abuse of Authority

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One Response to Nancy Grace & Casey Anthony

  1. MichellefromMadison says:

    Baez and Cheney both rule, Nancy Grace remains in the toilet! 🙂

    Congratulations Baez and Cheney on achieving true Justice.

    Good for Casey, our hero! 🙂

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