“Move Over Law”

While the concept behind this law is good, in practice this is a dangerous law that sacrifices ordinary drivers for officials.
As a regular business driver up and down much of Interstate 5, I have seen many big rigs suddenly move to the left (so as to avoid a citation), often when there is no room to move.
This has resulted in me or other drivers often slamming on brakes or worse; being forced into the center divider.

The problem is with a $275 fine in many places (or more), plus 2 points on ones driving record, many drivers (especially professional drivers that cannot afford these points) are very leery of overly zealous officers such as the California Highway Patrol that will write tickets despite the facts of the traffic conditions.
If you do not believe that this law is abused, read this quote by a law enforcment officer from this website/blog post
Police Link; State ‘Move Over’ Law Takes Effect Today;
“I intentionally hang out after a traffic stop on a highway for a few minutes finishing up paperwork just waiting for people that dont move over. I love making that followup traffic stop.”
The second sentence is descriptive of someone who abuses his/her authority and why laws like this allow for such abuse.

A law for this problem is not necessary and will not correct common sense; I 100% agree with a comment I read elsewhere as to these laws.
“The worst laws on the books are the ones made in memory of someone or something they are made out of emotion not thought out”.

This law would not be so bad if it were not the “Move Over Law”, rather the “Slow Down Law” (which in many states it is both). This aspect is much more logical and safe for others; however it is the “move over” aspect of this law that has caused many drivers to behave dangerously as to other drivers in driving lanes to the left of their vehicle. As well it is the “move over” aspect that is getting the most publicity thus likely causing the results I have witnessed.

If this has not yet killed someone, it is a matter of time before this well intentioned but bad law results in someone’s death or serious injury.

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