PAC 10 Versus SEC; Oregon, Auburn

Oregon VS. Auburn, NCAA Football or PAC 10 VS. SEC?

Auburn TigersOregon DucksI am a life long PAC 10 fan going back to the late 1960s, and I am hoping that the PAC 10 (through Oregon) can finally gain some well deserved respect for the league.

While few will deny that the SEC (Southeast Conference) is among the best in NCAA Football, the PAC 10 is often maligned (from everyday persons such as me to sports pundits in the Media).
While I certainly must applaud the SEC for consistency, the often lack of consistency is often held against the PAC 10. As far back as I can remember the PAC 10 has a habit of its teams loosing games they should not, but although this certainly does not speak well for consistency, it also does not prove the teams in the SEC cannot play and win among the best and the records often show this (including this year where the PAC-10 at 10-5 was first while the SEC at 10-6 was 3rd best against BCS opponents from outside the conference). I might add that UCLA is a team that epitomizes this inconsistency beating Texas and losing to others it should not have lost to. Oregon State and California Berkley are similar this year, in fact I would venture that Oregon State is about the best team NOT going to a post season bowl game due to this problem.

Stanford is another team that I am hopeful for a victory or again at least respectable showing against a Virginia Tech team they should beat. Washington however has quite the uphill battle to beat Nebraska, but even a respectable showing here would go a long ways, so “go Washington!”.

I hope other fans of PAC 10 schools/teams whether USC, Washington, or Arizona join me in cheering on either an Oregon victory or at least a respectable showing in the BSC Title Game so as to put this lack of respect to rest once and for all!!

Of coarse if it is a blow out in Auburn’s favor, I guess I have to admit I was/am wrong 😦

Update 1/11/11
Although I would have preferred a win, I am still pleased with the Oregon Ducks as they showed that the PAC 10 can play with the SEC.
In fact if Oregon had not made a couple of Oregon mistakes deep in the Red Zone or two questionable calls had not been made the outcome may have been in Oregon’s favor.
As for the calls the questionable tackle of Auburn’s Michael Dyer is not the one that bothered me as much (as I feel Auburn likely would have moved within the field goal range of their top notch place kicker), that said IMHO his wrist appeared to touch the ground and his forward motion was clearly stopped.
Harris was ruled out of bounds by virtue of lack of control of the ball; to this I say “bull”, he clearly had control of the ball.
See: BCS National Championship Game: Auburn Beats Oregon, 22-19

Either way, Auburn was a great team and I cannot take anything from them.

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