Talking about Why Google will remain king of search – U.S. business-


What is sad is that the author is probably correct.


I find the love affair with Google down right sickening. Yes Microsoft certainly has not always used ethics in its business dealings, but at least they have battled those who can afford lawyers and can call notice to actions via the media. I will also note that as a person with three special needs children (and paying a heavy personal and economic price for it) that at least Bill Gates is the number contributor to autism (from which my son suffers).


Google on the other hand goes after the little guy with no voice or legal budget.

I had an Adsense account a while back that had a day of malicious clicks (but not from us), Google well knows where the isp of these hits came from but they instead chose to take all my money that was built up in my account all the while refusing to answer emails with anything other than form emails.

AND WORSE, as someone who has spent a lifetime in research in aquatics with many unique articles on the internet, Googles terrible search algorithm allows my plagiarized article to come up in searches (right at the top) while my originals are often no where to be found. YEY in Yahoo and MSN search my articles come right to the top and the plagiarized articles are no where to be found. GO FIGURE!

Of coarse there is an easy answer; follow the money. These ripped of articles have Google Adwords all over them while the originals do not.

Also I have contacted Google about this and although at first they were helpful, they now refuse to stop this (the least they could do is fix there algorithm).

By the way my Yahoo Search box on my articles site finds articles and keywords (out of over 300 pages) vastly better than my Google search box. So much for Google


Based on this love of Google and its corruption and what I an my family have been through, this is no surprise as we live in a very morally bankrupt world and I really fear for my children future (my daughter was already harmed by a predator while persons looked the other way)!


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Why Google will remain king of search – U.S. business-


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